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Monday, July 16, 2007

Library 2.0

"Discovery Exercise:
1. Read two or three of the perspectives on Library 2.0 from the list below. Create a blog post about your thoughts on any one of these.
2. Library 2.0 - It's many things to many people. What does it mean to you? What does it mean for school libraries?"

I am only now learning what "Web 2.0" means...Library 2.0 was still a mystery. Here are a few quotes that are helping my perspective:

From Michael Stephens: Librarian, Blogger: "Web 2.0: Where Will it Take Libraries?"

Into a new world of librarianship

Librarian 2.0, then, is the “strategy guide” for helping users find information, gather knowledge and create content...This librarian recognizes how services might be enhanced by the Read/Write web and how new services might be born in a climate of collaboration...This librarian understands that the future of libraries will be guided by how users access, consume and create content.

From Library 2.0: Service for the Next Generation Library

By Michael E. Casey and Laura C. Savastinuk -- Library Journal, 9/1/2006

"The heart of Library 2.0 is user-centered change. It is a model for library service that encourages constant and purposeful change, inviting user participation in the creation of both the physical and the virtual services they want, supported by consistently evaluating services. It also attempts to reach new users and better serve current ones through improved customer-driven offerings."

From School Library Journal

Say good-bye to your mother’s school library

By Christopher Harris -- School Library Journal, 5/1/2006

"On the face of it, we’re talking about using blogs and podcasts. The heart of the concept, though, is not about the tools, but rather the communities and the conversations that they make possible....
"Digitally re-shifting your school library is about harnessing the power of new ideas like Web 2.0 to help fulfill the mission of school libraries. It does not necessarily mean discarding the old, but rather reconsidering what works best in meeting new challenges in a changing educational world. It’s all a part of helping students become literate users of information in order for them to have successful careers in school and beyond. Remember that for some students, a rich school library experience may be their only library experience. Let’s use every opportunity to help our students engage the joy of reading and the power of information."

My analysis is that, my library is still back at 1.0, maybe 1.7 or 8. I am becoming more familiar with the Web 2.0 tools, in order to increase the resources at my fingertips. What I've found with the use of those social networking capabilities is that the "communities and conversations" are increasing. Thus, my library has expanded because of my increased awareness and comfort level with these tools.

I've copied these quotes to my library planning wiki, as well. They reinforce the State standards for "Quality School Libraries," which I am trying to incorporate into my goals. Librarians are supposed to be supporting the effort to create "information literate" students - and that definition encompasses the world of technology.

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